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Flame Cut Steel Sprockets

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» Flame Cut Steel Sprockets
The main focus at Rachels is manufacturing flame cut sprockets in carbon and alloy steel. Burning 12" plate, turning a 5' diameter piece and machining a 2" internal keyway is not a problem.
Flame Cut Steel Sprockets
Flame Cut Steel Sprockets
4 Manual Cadillac Lathes
60" Swing and 85" Centers
Mitts & Merrill 3A Internal Keyseater
2" Maximum Key Width
2 Broaching Machines
3/4" and Smaller Keys
CNC Flame Cutting Table
30' of Travel and Capable of Cutting 12" Plates
4' and 6' Radial Arm Drills
Vertical Milling Machines With 6' of Travel
Surface Grinder with 24" of Travel
Band Saws with 18" of Cut
6 Overhead MIG Welding Units for Carbon Steel
1 Fork Lift with 20,000 lb Capacity
2 Hoist Cranes on Rail with 2 Ton Capacity Each
2 Miller CP 300 Wire Welders
Hobart Model T-300 Stick Welder
2 Lincoln Model 250-250 Wire Welders
ACT 225ARC Heli Arc
Hobart Model TR0250H Stick Welder
2 Lincoln R3S-250 Wire Welders
Cobramatic Model MK-3A Welder
Hobart Model TR-250-HF Tig Welder

Material Handling Equipment
Two Bridge Cranes With 5 Tons Each
1 Forklift with 20,000 lb Capacity
1 Forklift with 5,000 lb Capacity
1 Forklift with 8,000 lb Capacity

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